The Baby-Faced Assassin a.k.a. Mark LeBusque

candid craic culture leadership performance Feb 12, 2021

In this Candid Craic, we find out how Mark LeBusque's exploration into his own dark and messy organisational existence - he was once known as the baby-faced assassin - led to a deep examination of self and a "spiritual" journey of self-awareness and high performance. We look at how Mark provokes leaders and teams into examining the self they bring to work, and how an unexamined version of that self can stop things from flowing effectively.

We look at how vulnerability, compassion, courage, kindness and self-forgiveness play vital roles in the development of good leadership, and how the leadership journey is comprised of many micro-moments of realisation, awareness and reflection that, over time, combine to produce holistic and sophisticated leadership abilities.

We hear his answer to the nine trillion dollar question, learn how he has constantly experimented with life and work - and how those experiments changed in nature as he matured - and probe his thoughts about the future of work.

00:15 Hello Mark
01:25 Just what is it that Mark does?
06:30 The Dark and Messy Organisational Self
12:00 Narrow Leadership, Decaying Cultures
18:50 Provocative Tactics for Ready Clients
26:08 First "Fix" and Forgive Yourself
32:18 The Human Manager Experience
37:42 Micro-Moments & the Spirit of the Journey
44:48 The Nine Trillion Dollar Question
48:07 An Experimental-Hybrid Future of Work?
59:12 Surface-Level and Deep Experiments of Self