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$366 billion is spent annually on leadership development but only 10 to 15 percent of leaders who get training establish permanent change. Experience our dialogic method to accomplish sustained change smarter, faster.


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What is Dialogic Drinks (DD)? It's the kind of deep discussion you have in a coffee shop or at a cocktail party. There is no demand to find a solution to a problem. Insights and learnings emerge from participating in the discussion with people from all over the world.


Building sustainable collaborations by Josie Gibson.

Why is it that organisations are so terrible at adapting to new situations? And why are so many employees distracted and disengaged? This is a real big problem that affect many organisations. Part of that deeper problem is poor communication and information flow. 

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The Entrepreneuring Identity by Jon Fish Hodgson. 

“Identity” is often divisive — in politics and corporate “diversity” projects. But our contested collective identities are renewable resources for transformation. “leaders […] don’t think ‘I’. They think ‘we’”, Peter Drucker said. And Peter Senge describes leadership as “the capacity of a human community to shape its future”....

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Developing Future-Ready Leadership by Dr Richard Claydon.

We once thought leaders were born not made. Great men of peculiar genius, indomitable will and inspirational character transforming the world into new shapes and forms. And maybe, when societies were simple, that was a reasonable assumption. But...

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