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$366 billion is spend annually on talent development yet only 10 to 15 percent of leaders who get training establish permanent change. We're here to change that. EQ Lab is a pioneering solution that is transforming the way leaders learn, connect, share and interact.


Cognitive Gym Schedule

Cognitive Gym

"Transformational change is a marathon, not a sprint". Cognitive Gym is a new global platform with live, virtual and dialogue-driven masterclasses created by thought leading practitioners. We get you started and we also provide continuous stimulation to develop sustained behavioural change.

Optimising Information Flow In Organisations.


  • 4 weeks (8 hrs total); weekly
  • Starting soon
  • Instructor: John Dobbin
  • English only
  • Min. 6 people


Why is it that organisations are so terrible at adapting to new situations? And why are so many employees distracted and disengaged? This is a real big problem that affect many organisations. Part of that deeper problem is poor communication and information flow. 


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Leading Better With Narrative Intelligence.


  • 5 weeks (10 hrs total); weekly
  • Starting soon
  • Instructor: Alexis Niki
  • English only
  • Min. 6 people


The challenges of today require leaders who can create shared narratives of possibility. We need leaders with high levels of narrative intelligence. Leaders who understand story as a dynamic human process also understand that we ignore the power of story at our peril.


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Unlocking Focus and Flow in the Knowledge Age.


  • 4 weeks (8hrs total); weekly
  • Starting soon
  • Instructor: Jane Piper
  • English only
  • Min. 6 people


Our human brain power should be a source of advantage in the digital age. Mindless, repetitive work is easily outsourced to automation and machine learning. We'll explore how we can develop skills of focus and attention, reduce mental and organisational drag.


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Accelerate intelligence

DILS unique delivery method uncovers fresh learnings and new perspectives faster than conventional innovation and development practices.


Cheaper and better

EQ Lab's individual and group solution delivers higher cost savings than traditional leadership and cognitive development solutions.


Socially connected

Our live, virtual and interactive format fosters interaction with participants from over 43 countries, across different cultures and with people from all walks of life.

"A social and intellectual booster!”

Johan Nylander - Best-selling author, journalist, CNN reporter

"This is way more valuable than Coursera...I’m so much more engaged.”

Nathan Ho, CEO Bei Vita, Canada

"A community I feel the most sense of belonging and get the most learning.”

Gemma Jiang Ph.D, Organizational Innovation, U.S.


Food for thought

You are curious about human interaction, how we think, and organisational behaviour to advance your personal and professional development.


Engage with real people

You are over online learning that only delivers content that never offers the opportunity to network and deeply engage with other participants.


Make sense of complexity

You’re seeking meaningful dialogues with like-spirited individuals who are trying to make sense of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

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