Oscar Venhuis

Chief Experience Officer (CEO)

I’m a serial problem solver with the capacity to transform complex ideas into market-ready products through the application of Business Design, an emergent design-doing discipline and that operates in the whitespace of three intertwining domains; organisational design, business strategies and innovation methods.

Nike, Adidas, UBS, Star Wars, WWF and Asia Society are just a few international brands that I have developed new services and products for.

Prior to EQ Lab I co-founded theDesk, a successful coworking workspace in Asia. My unorthodox approach to the collaborative workplace was recognised with a merit from Design For Asia and a Golden Pin Design Award.

I have a degree in Product Design (NL), studied at the Royal College of Art in London, ranked globally #1 for creativity, and completed a Masters Degree in Design Management (distinction, UK).

For General Assembly I have produced over 200 digital seminars and was the first instructor at GA to deliver UX Design workshops entirely remotely across the APAC region.

I’m a certified PADI Rescue Diver and an accredited Heineken Beer Pourer.

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Dr. Richard Claydon

Chief Cognitive Officer (CCO)

Hi, I’m Richard. I was awarded the highest achievable marks for a Ph.D in behavioural science. A Harvard Top-200 Management expert and business columnists for the Guardian newspaper have described this research as “a touchstone for the future work in management and organisation”, “outstanding in daring imagination” and “at the forefront of modern discussion and debate.”

Peers and colleagues have described my work as “bleeding edge … in another league altogether”, “iconoclastic”, and “eloquently expressing a real and relevant way of living out life.”

I’m the founder of roundPegz, a community of disruptive thinkers operating and a founder-member of The Prometheus Project, a group of international leadership experts disrupting the leadership development market. My MBA module on the “Future of Leadership” for Macquarie Business School's online GMBA (ranked #6 in the world by CEO Magazine) is one of the highest-rated fully-accredited leadership modules on the Coursera learning platform.

I’m a tier one tennis player, has coached tennis professionally, and also designed the tactics creator for the multi award-winning and world-leading management simulation, Football Manager.

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Jack Ko

Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Experienced in multicultural environment, from an individual contributor to a department leader, from local operations to global strategies, from technology push to business transformation, I always engage with all level of stakeholders to develop, and to deliver.

Throughout a 14-year journey in the investment banking industry, I acted as a catalyst in driving long term strategy where technology served as the enabler. It included managing multimillion budget in IT and financial data creating value to business activities regarding new product development, time-to-market, and cost efficiency.

I was nominated as a mentor for internal teams, a campus ambassador in onboarding graduates. My passion led me further to be the advisory board member of Hong Kong Federation of Business Students, HKFBS.

Prior to coming back to Hong Kong in 2006, I worked as an information security consultant in Australia following my commerce degree in actuarial science - the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance, and other industries and professions - at UNSW.

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