Scaling Ego-Free Cultures Across Organisations with Geoff Marlow

candid craic complexity culture organisation Feb 17, 2021

In this Candid Craic, we learn how Geoff Marlow has combined an engineering background with a deep interest in human behaviour and Eastern philosophies to craft a career helping organisations create future-fit cultures where curiosity and cognitive diversity flourish in the pursuit of rapid-delivery innovation.

We hear how and why Geoff, almost accidentally, shaped his career this way; see just how a seemingly simple insight can result in rapid-moving cultural change (and how an equally simple-sounding good intention can produce rapid-growing toxicity); and discover how hybridity, curiosity and cognitive diversity can liberate talent across the entire organisation.

We look at how you might scale ego-free cultures across large, mature, complex organisations; discover how and why the mechanics of traditional organisational structures get in the way of achieving this; and peer into the dark ethical complexities that can emerge out of even the greatest of success stories.

Video timestamps:
00:10 Hello Geoff
00:25 Just what is it that Geoff does?
01:51 A Closely-Coupled Culture of Innovation
05:45 The Behavioural-Engineering Maverick
11:15 Harmonious Hybridity in High-Tech Organisations
19:14 Liberating Talent through Curiosity and Cognitive Diversity
29:55 The Tactics of an Ego-free Organisation
37:12 Can you scale this? Networked Feasibility
42:00 Sense-Making, Decision-Making and Action-Taking
46:50 The Conditions of Future-Fit Organisations
53:10 Systems Ethics, Industrial Expectations & Legal Contexts
58:29 The Nine Trillion Dollar Question