How Explicit Awareness Can Positively Impact Leadership with Alexis Niki

candid craic leadership organisation performance storytelling Feb 20, 2021

In this episode of Candid Craic, we talk to Alexis Niki to learn about the differences between narratives and storytelling, and how an explicit awareness of both can positively impact leadership and organisational performance.

We explore the many dimensions of narrative intelligence, in which Alexis draws from her colorful, multicultural upbringing to explain how story became so central to her work. In doing so, we discover how and why she employs archetypes to free people from self-limiting narratives; learn why mind/body integration is central to high performance; and take in a deep dive into the necessity of developing an integrated character in a fragmenting world.

After a little side-step worrying about whether we are moving towards a dark and dystopian future, Alexis leaves us hopeful that a world populated with narratively intelligent people is a real possibility.

00:08 Hello Alexis
00:27 Just what is it that Alexis does?
01:13 Narrative Intelligence and Storytelling
07:36 Clashing Stories and Identity Exploration
11:01 Archetypes, Metaphors and Leadership
19:50 Changing a Self-Limiting Narrative: A Success Story
25:59 The Tactics and Tools of Narrative Coaching
30:44 Stress, Stimuli and the Alexander Technique
34:02 The Centrality of Character
39:14 Integrated, Embodied, Storytelling, High-Performing Selves
49:10 Changing a Narrative through Leadership Action
51:20 The Nine Trillion Dollar Question