Developing Complexity of Thinking in Leaders with Becky Andree

candid craic collaboration complexity leadership vuca Feb 08, 2021

In this Candid Craic, we hear about Becky Andree's double-passion - developing the complexity of thinking in leaders and employees so they capable of the cognitive challenges related to the WEF's future of work skills lists, and creating environments in which regular high-quality connections energise people to successfully pursue and achieve this developmental goal.

After defining these two core aspects of her work and research, Becky takes us on a swirling journey of discovery, examining whether we are creating or destroying workspaces which support these practices; exploring the difference between Eastern and Western patterns of connection; explaining how we could create practices that rapidly accelerate the development of future-ready leaders; and outlining why enabling elders coaching and mentoring teams is central to success.

We close with a brief segue into VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), wondering whether organisations and technology are changing rapidly, or whether people and society are, and how that might shift our attention.

Video timestamps episode 4:
00:07 Hello Becky
00:30 Just what is it that Becky does?
01:33 Developing Complexity of Thinking in Leaders
04:40 Developing High-Quality Connections at Work
11:00 Liminality, In-betweenness and Connective Spaces
15:50 Flex and Co-working Spaces - A solution or a problem?
21:48 Intent, Purpose and Reciprocity in Life and Work
25:56 Eastern and Western Inter-Connectivity Differences
32:12 Revolutionizing and Accelerating Leadership Development
41:41 Complex Thinking in Teams and the Enabling Elder
48:30 The Nine Trillion Dollar Question
50:44 We've always been VUCA - but we've changed what changes