Demystifying the Language of Complex Adaptive Systems with John Dobbin

adaptivity candid craic complex adaptive systems complexity Feb 09, 2021

In this Candid Craic, we talk to John Dobbin about his ongoing attempt to demystify the language of complex adaptive systems to help contemporary executives transform their organisations into agile powerhouses.

John helps us understand the difference of scale between agile and adaptive work, how bureaucratic structures can inhibit the success of agile practices, and the tactics he employs to help teams become more agile and organisations become more adaptive.

We look at how middle-management might be re-imagined as core to good adaptive work, learn how Haier has become the great success story for the movement, and explore how rationality and faith need to interact with good intent for high performance outcomes.

We close by looking at the impact remote work might have on adaptive practice, and imagine what a world full of complex adaptive organisations might look like.

00:10 Hello John
00:50 Just what is it that John does?
01:40 The Difference between Agile and Adaptive Work
07:45 The Pain of Bureaucracy
11:24 Clashing Paradigms - Complex Adaptivity v Managerial
17:53 Becoming Adaptive - Tactics of Transition and Transformation
23:02 The Problem of/with People, Status and Ideas
34:14 Haier - The Exemplar Success Story
37:47 Conscious and Unconscious Decision-Making
46:15 Remote Work and Adaptive Energy - is it possible?
48:25 Paradigm Migration and Changing Beliefs
51:42 The Nine Trillion Dollar Question