Assistive Intelligence And The Future of Medical with Nidhi Goel

candid craic mental health organisation performance Mar 07, 2021

In this Candid Craic, Nidhi Goel, a Medical Futurist and psychiatrist practicing in New York, looks at the rising levels of poor mental wellbeing across the globe, and discusses just what we might be able to do about it. Initially, Nidhi tells us about the state of the mental health profession, outlining the already troubling shortages in psychiatric support globally; looking at why it is likely to get worse; and explaining why the rising reported instances of poor mental wellbeing are making her increasingly worried about the future.

We learn how Assistive Intelligence (AI) can make a major difference in this space, helping psychiatrists with the time-consuming evaluatory aspects of their work, leaving them with more time to diagnose and treat patients; and how it can help people beginning to struggle with their mental well-being self-manage the conditions before they become serious enough to need professional help.

We also hear about the discussions she is having with organizations about taking mental health seriously, and about why she has to take a cost-reduction rather than performance-enhancing approach in these discussions. Nidhi closes by outlining her vision for delivering a collective awareness of mental health across the globe and health equity for communities across the planet.

00:12 Hello Nidhi
00:45 Just what is it that Nidhi does? The Psychiatric Provision Problem
05:37 Becoming Mindful of your Mental Health
09:57 Metrics of Mental Wellbeing - A Pandemic in the Making?
16:05 Towards a Solution - Assessments and AI
19:51 Before Burnout: Fadeout and Feeling Numb
26:05 Rage and the Machine: Coping with AI or Coping with Anxiety?
28:36 Everybody Lies, but Apps don't Judge
33:00 Exploring and Explaining the User Experience
39:20 Understanding the Organizational Costs and Impacts
47:15 The Future - a Collective Awareness of Mental Health?
52:17 The Nine (Twelve?) Trillion Dollar Question