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Thank you for your interest in our corporate annual plan and we want to work around your needs. Given the different requirements of our partners, we offer a variety of options to suit their needs. 

This comprehensive plan develops employees who prosper in organisations that are ambiguous and complex. Improving cognitive capacities contributes to employee retention, increases morale, lowers absenteeism, presenteeism and affects your business' bottom line.

Like you, we believe that a company’s employees are its biggest asset. Elevate their mental fitness with EQ Lab – you’ll soon see mutual benefits for you and your staff.

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"Everyone gets a say. Everyone's voice is heard. And as a result, we gain collective knowledge and learning"

- Jay Stone, U.K.

"It is the best Zoom call I've had!  Thank you for curating such great events"

Kristin Backstrom, PhD, U.S.

"It's been brilliant. An intense, mindful expansion, during an enjoyable conversation with insightful people"

- Jennekin Dicks, Australia